Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monsters by Christian Keith Fiest!

A friend's son drew these a few years back and I painted over them. SO much fun! He's definitely on his way to being a creator. His dad makes movies and comics and he's definitely following in Daddy's footsteps. Only he's already a better artist than his dad is at age 30! HAHA! :o}

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Inspire their Future!

Turn their drawing...
Drawing by my son Tycen at age 5.
His concept was turning the alphabet into monsters!


I scanned my son's drawing into the computer and painted it in front of him. He LOVED it! And he was so inspired to draw after that. Still is! And it also opened him up to other forms of creativity, Lego sculptures, clay, and more! It was cool to see!

I would do this service for free all day long just to inspire kids and have been telling myself for years (my son is 9 now!) that I'd start doing that on the side, but the problem is, there is never a side. It just never happens because bills always need to be paid. So, I'm asking for $30 to help me justify the time while still keeping it affordable. Please send via Paypal to


Your kid's art will be transformed into a professional painting, keeping their originality in tact. It will be sent to you as a hi-resolution image great for printing posters, shirts, etc. Wow! I can only imagine what having something like that as a kid could mean! Kinda want to hop in a time machine and give it to my younger self! :o}

A screen-recorded video of the creation of this painting, so they get to watch it happen! I can either narrate the video and talk while I work, or add some cool music to make it exciting! To see examples, please visit Again, something like this would have blown my little artist mind when I was a kid. Getting to see art created made the idea of being an artist more real!

I'll personally send them a video or audio message, saying their name and letting them know how much fun I had and how cool I think their creation is. And if they have any questions about being an artist, I'd be happy to answer them there. I once won a coloring contest at the local grocery store called me up and talked to me specifically about my artwork and that gave me so much energy to create more!

Their artwork will be posted up on this site and promoted to thousands of people who follow my social network accounts! They'll be able to read the feedback from people all around the world!

At least that's the goal! :o}

A grew up a very poor kid in The Middle of Nowhere, Kansas. No art community or real possibilities as a career as an artist. But my sister was an artist in school and her example, as well as that of an art teacher and a few others encouraged me to draw, changing my life and opening me up to the possibilities! 20-some years later and I'm 10 years into a full-time career as an artist. My childhood dreams come true! In fact, my wife Renae De Liz and I are both artists and work from home so we get to spend a lot of time with our kids! And we spend a lot of that time drawing. Seeing the creativity in our own kids makes me want very much to inspire as many other kids as possible! There's a big, exciting world out there to see and many more to create! :o}

I look forward to hearing from you and working
with your kids to create some inspirational art!

~Ray Dillon